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/ Graduate School of Science and Engineering,
Saitama University


Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Saitama University,
255 Shimo-Okubo, Sakura-ku, Saitama City, 338-8570, Japan

Research Interests

I have interests in various stochastic phenomena, including their mathematical structures and applications. From the viewpoint of statistical physics (and of mathematics), I have mainly studied stochastic processes. I believe that mathematical tools should be developed furthermore, and the developed mathematical tools could also lead to new useful algorithms for information processing..

Up to now, I have investigated the mathematical structures behind stochastic processes describing chemical reactions in small systems, such as cells, mainly using algebraic methods. In addition, based on the algebraic discussions, a new nonlinear Kalman filter for stochastic differential equations has been proposed.

I have also studied about a geometric phase (a fiber bundle) in counting statistics. In the counting statistics, quantities related to the number of transitions in stochastic processes are calculated. I have mainly developed discussions of cyclic- and noncyclic-nonadiabatic geometric phases for classical stochastic processes, and applied them to pump current problems in small systems and entropy-production problems in nonequilibrium statistical physics.

My current research topics are as follows:

My research topics include analysis of stochastic processes in biological issues, complex networks, and disordered urn model.

Publications (refereed journal papers only)

(under preparation or submitted)


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